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Will this revolutionary magnetic technology become the USB of the future? [VIDEO]


ASAP Connect, a revolutionary USB charging cable, rocketed through the first two weeks of its 60 day Indiegogo campaign to raise $110,000 or almost 400 per cent of their original goal from over 2,200 backers.

ASAP Connect allows owners of iOS and Android devices to connect to any USB device quickly and seamlessly. ASAP’s patent-pending magnetic technology coupled with superior materials including rare earth neodymium magnets, 18K gold plated connectors, aluminum shielding and nylon braided cables provide instant and positive connection every time.

It uses a patent pending magnetic technology which has magnets positioned 360 degrees around the exterior of both ends of the cable. This allows the cables to connect seamlessly. They are offering this in both a cable and adaptor version which converts an existing cable into a magnetic one.

What is the story behind the ASAP Connect?

ASAP Technologies founder Vinson Leow has been working closely with a Chinese manufacturer the past couple of years and together they hold the patent application on the technology.

“I travel 6 months of the year for business so my phone is my most important item. By being able to simplify the way I interact with my phone it’s made my travel more hassle free,” he told Anthill, about his inspiration for the ASAP Connect.

“I use my phone as a GPS overseas so much that I bring a phone cradle with me to every country. Keeping the phone charged whilst driving has always been a huge hassle and this solved that problem. It also allows me to connect the phone effortlessly when you only have one hand free or even without looking.

“The number of times I’ve connected my phone whilst sleeping only to wake up and realise it wasn’t charged at all has given me nomophobia.”

Vinson Leow
Vinson Leow

The campaign which ends on July 2 has a few days left and they are aiming to surpass the $300,000 stretch goal they set. Vinson also revealed that they have signed agreements with Amazon UK and US, Walmart and distributors in over 18 countries and counting.

ASAP Connect is the second crowdfunded product from ASAP Technologies; the first was ASAP Dash which is a powerbank that charges to full in 15 minutes. That campaign which was completed in March 2016 has given birth to a 2016 launch lineup of a few more innovative consumer electronic products.

ASAP Connect is available for as little as $21 plus shipping, comes in MicroUSB for Android devices or an ‘Alpha’ version for use with Apple devices that use a Lightning connector and will begin shipping in October 2016.

See the ASAP Connect on action below