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Will this 16 year old genius raise $10 million and be able to change the world? [VIDEO]


Meet Jack Andraka. When he was 16 he set out to change the world.


He invented a way to detect early stage pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is one of those ‘no tomorrow’ types. There aren’t really many spokespeople bringing attention to it because no one ever survives long term.

Amongst the people who have died from pancreatic cancer are Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, Luciano Pavarotti and Joan Crawford. One of Australia’s foremost journalists, Peter Harvey died from pancreatic cancer last year. Highly respected Australian publisher and mentor to many local journalists, Di Gribble died from the disease not long after her diagnosis in 2011. But, it is also likely to have struck down people in your life and, your family.

The disease has been difficult diagnose. And, once it is diagnosed, the survival rate is low. In short. There are few survivors, especially long term ones.

Enter this 16 year old wonder kid.

His way of detecting this cancer is faster, cheaper and more effective. Really.

But, that’s not enough for this teenager entrepreneur. He’s now aiming to win the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, which is decided at the end of 2015.

Wait until you see what he’s invented this time. He’s got plans to change the human race.

And, you know what? I reckon he just might be able to do it.

Jack Andraka Goes for the $10 Million X-Prize