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Here’s some news on Newsmodo and Superman, too!


The news is big. In fact, it’s super!

This may come as a shock in an era when newspapers and media outlets are dropping like flies. The truth is, readers are just looking for new outlets to receive their news from, primarily online sources like blogs and news feeds.

Likewise, journalistic outlets are increasingly embracing news methods by which to receive headlines and articles. Like many industries in the digital age, the news is changing to adapt to the new landscape, and as technologies advance, new ways to fully embrace them do as well.


Newsmodo is a new resource that pools the talents of professional journalists, videographers, and others to break stories at break-neck speeds.

Newsrooms can search for white-hot, fresh stories from around the globe for use in the full spectrum of digital and legacy media platforms. When contributors capture something newsworthy, they set a price and upload the images, footage and/or story to Newsmodo’s marketplace. Newsmodo facilitates the sale, copyright exchange and payments across all currencies.

Truth, justice, and the journalist’s way…

Indeed, Newsmodo is putting crowdsourcing to work doing something that it does best.

When a story breaks in a specific geographic location, media outlets can use Newsmodo to request first-hand stories from journalists in the affected area.

Basically, the concept is simple. Since the crowd is already capturing everything that happens in plain sight, Newsmodo has recognized the potential in having all those eyes on the world.

The in-depth features of Newsmodo include:

  • 24/7 content exchange
  • Worldwide network of contributors
  • Assignments distributed in real time to mobile
  • application and via SMS
  • Geo tagging and location specific delivery of
  • content and assignments
  • A secure marketplace, accessible only to
  • accredited media
  • Easy to use and accurate region specific search tools
  • Daily newsletters summarising important submissions
  • Sophisticated content verification methods

Who’s the caped crusader?

The Melbourne-based Newsmodo was started by Rakhal Ebell, based on his observations of the news industry.

“The news industry landscape is changing dramatically. Big organisations are scaling back and looking for new ways to cover stories. We provide a dynamic solution at just the right time. Newsrooms can source content for their own broadcasts and publications or get the network of freelancers to gather the stories they need through a unique ‘crowd sourcing’ model. We are launching in coming weeks and while we’re based in Melbourne will be going global very fast!” said Ebell.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s – Newsmodo!

So, the next time torrential down pours threaten a metropolis like NYC, or bush fires rage trough Victoria, you can expect to see some personalised news and photos from the stable of journalists at Newsmodo.

Now, if only they could finally steal the scoop from Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, we’d finally have first-hand evidence of Superman!

Now that would be big news!