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Business cards have been making deals happen for over a century and despite what you might have heard, they are far from dead


Business cards have been around since the 1800s.

Now in this digital age of ours, one would imagine that something this old is on its way out, and will soon be replaced by some sleek high-tech alternative just like we have seen the physical newspaper being heavily edged by the tablet.

However, a survey of over 1,000 small business owners in Australia, UK, and the US, conducted by Sydney based tech start-up DesignCrowd.com.au, reveals that contrary to popular belief, the business card is far from dead.

Staying relevant in changing times

In fact, from the look of things, the humble business card is actually taking on a new lease of life; evolving in design and style, embracing new technologies and still perfectly executing the job entrepreneurs and professionals have always needed it for.

The research conducted just last month by the crowdsourcing marketplace found more than 88 per cent of Australians still hand out business cards when they meet new contacts.

Those receiving business cards also still find them useful, with 70 per cent either immediately entering the details into their smartphone, or placing the card in a rolodex.

Booming business in the business card niche

DesignCrowd, which helps businesses outsource or crowdsource business card designs and ideas from over 150,000 designers, saw a whopping 357 per cent increase in business card design projects in 2013 alone. Yep, the business card is clearly going nowhere…

Alec Lynch, founder and CEO of DesignCrowd noted that business card design crowdsourcing is one of their fastest growing categories explaining that while many are taking their business to the digital level and embracing various technologies, business cards remain an important marketing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Lynch further observed that the way people use business cards is changing.

“The design is evolving rapidly. Business cards no longer just have your job title, phone number, address and email. More are customising theirs to include their website, Twitter handle and even QR code, because a business card should express what your company does and make it as easy as possible for people to reach you,” he revealed.