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Hands up, who wants to learn more about starting a venture?


Are you among those who have mused about a new entrepreneurial idea of epic proportions only to dismiss it because you just don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are looking to start a new business around something groundbreaking but you need a little – push.

Starting a venture is exciting, but can be very arduous.

No matter what is stopping you from starting up Australia’s next superstar startup, there is no reason to fret. A new course is able to help you get up and off your bum, and working toward your entrepreneurial goals.

The program is called Venture Dorm and it is an educational program commencing in 2013 that is borne out of Flinder’s University’s commercialisation company, Flinder’s Partners. The Venture Dorm course will provide much needed entrepreneurial education and training for businesses based in Adelaide’s southern region.

So, uhh what’s the word?

Flinders Partners Managing Director, Anthony Francis, said the new course, which has South Australian State Government support, will offer a high level of practical outcomes in terms of financing and networking.

“Our focus will be around networks and sales – the chief aim of the course will be to help bring business plans to life,” Francis says.

“The emphasis will be very much on the practical, rather than the theoretical. With the momentum around the new development at Tonsley Park, it is a very good time to step up assistance to emerging and existing SMEs in the South.”

What Venture Dorm is not is an incubator or funding source – the program feeds your mind, not your cash flow. That being said, Venture Dorm is for anyone (all of us?) who would want to learn more about how successful entrepreneurs have built business, and who would want to go on and build a business of their own based on that information.

Mr Francis also says that the course will benefit from expertise within the Flinders Business School and from existing business and enterprise topics taught within the University’s science and engineering degree programs.

Yankee Doodle Dandy!

One distinctive feature of the course will be a field trip to visit a United States business incubator group specialising in new ventures. Mr Francis said the US visit would encourage entrepreneurs to “think big” by providing insights into international finance, investment and marketing opportunities for business ideas.

Even cooler is the fact that the course will feature a field trip to the United States to take a look at an incubator there that specialises in new ventures. Francis says the visit will encourage entrepreneurs to “think big” by showing them insights into international finance, investment, and marking. Shazam!

The course gets up and going in 2013, but applications are now being accepted.

Sounds like these guys are speaking Anthillian in Adelaide, huh?