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What’s the surest way to get traffic, seduce prospects and build rapport in your sleep? Content marketing! [LIVE EVENT]


Content marketing for the time poor.

(Rank on Google. Boost Traffic. Seduce prospects.)

with Pete Williams, Serial Entrepreneur and Profit Hacker

What does Google love?

Frequent content. Recent content. Quality content.

Put simply, if you want to be found on search engines, content is no longer something nice to have. It must be part of your strategy. Quality content drives traffic and also empowers your customers to share what you do with their networks.

What do your customers love?

Easy access to advice and the opportunity to learn.

Quality content also does something that you can’t. It helps your business build rapport with prospective customers… while you sleep. It was once said, ‘The margin is in the mystery.’ All your mysteries are now available on YouTube. So, start sharing.

What do we love about Pete Williams?

He is, without question, Australia’s leading content leverage master maven.

Pete Williams has created a series of techniques to make content creation easy, repeatable and also highly monetisable. Learn how Pete is able to transform one item of compelling content into 30… including videos, podcasts, educational courses and much more. Google loves Pete. But his customers love him more.

What is the Master Business Bake Up?

In 90 minutes, learn the techniques that Pete Williams uses to create his content leverage system, to build traffic and win customers. The Master Business Bake Up series is a cooking class… for business builders. We teach you a recipe that you can start to ‘cook’ on the day or take back to your business and implement later.