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A new start-up has set out to challenge the big boys of the Aussie web hosting market


A Melbourne based start-up specialising in 100 per cent Australian owned and operated web hosting, Hosting Australia has recently launched and says it will dominate both the local and international hosting market, throwing out a challenge to the existing industry players, including global giant, Amazon.

Nick Bell, the co-founder of Hosting Australia, is not new to the game of digital marketing, having founded several businesses in the digital space since 2008, now with a combined annual turnover of $55 million.

Nearly every business has a website and Bell says that while the hosting business is ‘not sexy’, it is a vital and non-negotiable part of doing business.

With his 8 years’ experience in building and marketing websites, Bell realised that it made sense to also invest in hosting and has recently partnered with industry expert Jonathan Horne to create Hosting Australia.

Who is Hosting Australia?

Besides being an angel investor and start-up mentor, Nick Bell is the founder of WME, an Australian full-suite digital marketing agency that helps brands both big and small to maximise their online presence and grow their business.

He is also co-founder Appscore which is an award-winning mobile-first digital agency comprised of strategists, creatives and developers who collaborate to create exceptional online solutions for businesses.

The other half of Hosting Australia is Jonathan Horne who has over 15 year experience working in the hosting space. Recently his focus has been on helping SME and government clients achieve the business automation success.

He is also a passionate advocate for educating people about privacy issues in the online business world. Jonathan values further education and contribution so in his spare time he completed a teaching degree with the hope of inspiring young students to achieve their dreams.

“The hosting industry isn’t often talked about until something goes wrong,” says Horne. “Like we saw recently with the Amazon outage, it is important for all businesses, especially online retailers, to know that they are supported by a reliable hosting provider who can respond quickly and efficiently to any issues.”

“Every website on the planet needs hosting. I have been frustrated for many years now with the lack of quality service my clients receive with existing hosting providers. Hosting is a great synergy business to my other companies and I’m excited to now be in a position where I can offer an Australian owned, premium service that will shake up the market,” Bell said.

As Australian businesses continue to choose offshore hosting over in-house solutions, Bell says they could be compromising both the safety of their data as well as the reliability of service.

It won’t be easy though

“The global market for hosting is highly competitive. By setting up local entities with local people we can provide a tailored, reliable solution that is sure to challenge the existing players,” Bell explained.

In the space of nine weeks the company has already attracted thousands of Australian customers and the co-founders have their sights firmly set on challenging big market players like Amazon. The duo expects to roll out globally over the next 6 months, where Bell has already experienced great success with his other businesses WME and Appscore.

Modelled on Bell’s existing strategy of creating a local business for each country location, the initial targets will be Hong Kong, USA and UK.