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Learn how to use Twitter as a traffic generating, rapport building new business funnel [LIVE EVENT]


How to create a self-managing, self building new business funnel on Twitter.

with James Tuckerman, Founder of Anthill Magazine

Here’s what happens when most businesses start using Twitter.

Someone says: “We need to be on The Twitter! My 21-year-old intern said so.”

Then, a series of decisions are made quickly, with little or no time spent on strategy. And, before anyone has the chance to say ‘Holy Tweet’, the business has become the not-so-proud onwer of a vaccuous, follower-free and embarrassing Twitter acount

Too many business decision makers react like unblinking sheep when invited to participate in social media. Or, worse, they don’t do anything at all.

No longer is Twitter simply the domain of narcissists and inane chatterboxes. It’s where mavens roam and decision makers seek feedback and validation. It is a vibrant source of traffic. It is a targeted prospect funnel. It is a market for information… including the pros and cons of what your business has to offer.

In 90 minutes, learn how to create a self-managing, self-building Twitter prospect funnel. Don’t be distracted. Don’t let Twitter take over your life. Learn how to use the world’s third largest social media platform as a business asset… not a confusing, pointless time-suck.