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Wanna know the hottest 20 startup ecosystems in the world? Intuit’s gotcha covered… [Infographic]

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Ever wonder what the entrepreneurial world’s top entrepreneurial hotspots are?

The resourceful gals and guys at Intuit have put together yet another intriguing infographic. They’ve compiled data on the Top 20 Startup Ecosystems, and you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that Sydney comes in at #12 on the list and Melbourne is at #18.

What’s more, Intuit also threw in some extra stats that might raise a few eyebrows. Melbourne gets called out in the infographic because its startups are 42-per cent more data-driven than those in Silicon Valley, the numero uno startup ecosystem in the world.

Sydney gets praise for its efforts to differentiate and diversify to compete with Silicon Valley.

What data is this anyway?

Intuit’s data comes courtesy of Startup Genome/Telefonica and Inc.com.

What the graphic shows us essentially confirms what we already know around here: that Sydney and Melbourne are hosts to healthy startup communities, with great growth potential and a keen interest in innovating Big Data.

Will Silicon Valley remain king, or will cities hot on its heels rise? It could be you who make it happen, Sydney or Melbourne.

Here’s looking at you, Anthillians!