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WANTED: The voice of women in business


The Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) has launched the Women in Business Poll to gather the views of Australian business women.

According to AWCCI CEO Yolanda Vega, the 700,000-odd lady-folk small business owners are long overdue some attention.

“While significant information is available on women in leadership and management roles, there is very little data on the hundreds of thousands of women running small to medium-sized business in Australia.”

“The Women in Business Poll will provide a better understanding of the challenges, rewards and opportunities for women running a business in both regional and metro Australia.”

“It will explore such issues as how and why women start businesses, in what industries, where the businesses operate, revenue and wages, procurement of contracts, superannuation, childcare issues and more.”

Vega believes the poll will play an essential role in ultimately securing small business owning women the support and recognition they deserve.

“Women need to get involved if they want changes to take place; they can no longer afford to stay silent because their community and the economy rely on them.”

If you’re a small business owning women with an opinion or three, visit the folks over at AWCCI and share the love. You may even win stuff for your efforts – like a Wild Bush Luxury holiday, two executive coaching sessions with Avril Henry and a three-month Virtual Office Platinum Package from Servcorp. Booyah!