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Twittering about Anthill


twitter_featuredthumbsWhen we made our big announcement yesterday that Anthill Magazine had become a quarterly publication, we never expected to receive the flood of emails, SMS messages and phone calls of support. But we were intrigued to discover that we’d become a discussion topic among the chirperati on Twitter.

We’ve been using Twitter for a while. Check out our Twitter page and follow our ‘tweets’

If you don’t have the time or inclination to send random 140 character messages on a semi-frequent basis, Twitter also offers a cool search function, whereby anyone can check what people are saying about themselves or their organisation, even if they don’t actively ‘Tweet’ (though, chances are, you’ll want to get involved). 

Twitter has been receiving a lot of coverage in the mainstream media lately, and it’s quickly becoming the resource of choice for news and information discovery, especially breaking news.

To see what’s being said about Anthill or search your own organisation, click here.