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Australian startup Beehive crowdfunding DIY 3D printed eyewear


What do you get when you leave a bunch of industrial designers and engineers to their own devices?

Answer: Aussie startup Beehive, which has attracted the likes of Engineers Without Borders founder Daniel Almagor.

The intrepid team are launching a fancy new website in early-2012 that will allow anyone to create their own 3D-printed eyewear.

According to Beehive cofounder Adam Long: “We were inspired by the Spore Creature Creator to make eyewear design fun and intuitive.”

“You can change the shape, style, and pattern of the eyewear and then upload an image or text to emboss into the frames.”

“You can even upload an image of yourself to try on the style. When you’re ready, hit ‘go’ and we 3D print them for you.”

What on earth is 3D printing?

Glad you asked. It’s a rapid manufacturing technology. It earned itself some column inches early-2011 when an Economist article showed a 3D printed working reproduction of a Stradivarius violin.

“When you print on paper the ink has a tiny bit of height above the page. If you printed the same thing on the same page again and again it would stack up. So instead of ink, we use plastics and metals to create amazing new objects – including eyewear,” Long says.

Project Powerup To The People

To fund the masterplan, Beehive has enlisted the help of fellow startup Project Powerup. By letting people pre-purchase 3D printed eyewear, the group hopes to raise $15,000 in 45 days.

Some of the rewards on offer include laser-cut mahogany eyewear and limited edition stainless steel eyewear

“It’s a great way to support startups and grab something unique. Once we hit our fundraising goal we send contributors loads of cool goodies. If we don’t raise the whole $15,000 then their money is returned.”

To get behind Beehive, splash some cash here.

Beehive wants you to design your own 3D printed eyewear