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These are the top 5 work benefits that millennial employees really crave for today


In today’s world, millennials represent the biggest workforce in the professional marketplace. The millennial generation is comprised of individuals who have reached an age of maturity around the start of the 21st century.

However, there’s a clear distinction between the Y Generation (millennials) and the Z Generation. The latter category is comprised of people who were born in the early 2000s and it continues with the people who are born right now.

Now that we’ve made a clear distinction, let’s get to our main topic for today. Nowadays, millennials from all over the place are redefining the workplace environment, ethics, and applications. According to a recent study, Millennials have extremely high expectations and standards from their workplace compared to their parents.

They want more, and they want better. If you’re a millennial, please acknowledge that this is not a bad thing. To want more from life. Everyone craves for that, only that not enough people are confident enough to ask for it.

Considering these circumstances, every employer should acknowledge the importance of their workforce needs. And because today, the youngest and the brightest employees are made up of millennials, every serious company or organization must provide enough work benefits for these people to be content, fulfilled, and consistently motivated.

Here are the top five most appealing benefits that millennials crave for at work:

1. Relationships based on respect

If your millennial employees can bond with each other at work, they’re going to be happier to enter the office each day. Moreover, the relationship between the higher ranks and the lower ranks should always be based on respect. You can never treat your employees badly, and that’s something that you might already know.

I’d like to emphasize that millennials are persons who are eager to make changes. The moment you screw up the moment they’ll be open to new possibilities. That is why respect is the most important element that your workplace’s environment must transmit.

2. Effective communication with the higher ranks

Can you effectively communicate with your employees? In this case, the word effective could be associated with “productive” or “constructive”. For example, talking with your employees without leaving them with a solution or at least a suggestion at the end is not that effective.

You need to establish rapport and to genuinely want to help them become better. That’s what they’re looking for: a personal connection that serves them growth opportunities on a consistent basis.

3. Flexibility

This generation is smarter than the previous one. Millennials understand that the purpose of life is not to simply work non-stop. It’s not that they don’t perceive work as something essential; most of them begin to realize that happiness comes from experiences. In order to have many experiences, you need both money and time.

The first component (money) is attained through work. The second? Well, that’s exactly what I’m about to talk about. This generation expects a better work-life balance, more flexible schedules, and more overall flexibility over their time. Moreover, millennials tend to change their job much more often than the previous generation.

Therefore, to keep your employees happy, you need to give them enough space and flexibility. Talk to them, understand their individual needs, and start looking for the best suiting solutions for your own company.

4. High financial rewards

Obviously, every employee expects a fair pay for his time and energy. Millennial’s personal needs tend to be more varied and complex, so money is an absolute must. It’s not just me that’s nothing that. According to some studies, this generation of workers has extremely high expectations when it comes to their salaries and bonuses.

In case you come across unexpectedly high pay requests, you shouldn’t be surprised. However, in order to assure a continuous stability of the company, these high financial rewards should be attributed to those who are truly valuable to your company’s performance, no matter whether they’re millennials or not.

5. Growth opportunities

Even though this is the last subheading of this post, you shouldn’t neglect the importance of it. For today’s millennial generation, the need for growth is an extremely delicate subject. The “productivity” niche and the “growth mindset” niche is extremely popular, and millennials seem to be heavily influenced by the present collective mindset.

One of the biggest benefits that a millennial employee can get at work lies in the growth opportunities that the company presents. These growth opportunities could be experienced professionals who can teach further, a professional environment, the chance to attend different conferences, seminars, courses, and so on.

Giving millennials everything they need is truly a challenging task. However, you get what you give. In case you’re an employer who’s looking to better stimulate his millennial employees, consider our tips with much care. It’s dead simple: if your company makes the lives of its employees much better, you should get rid of your concerns. Your company’s going to thrive, and your millennials also!

Micheal Gilmore is an entrepreneur and career advisor at ResumesPlanet CV writing service. He specializes in building high-performance teams and delivering great products in the least time. Micheal is also a passionate blogger and facilitator. His life is fully dedicated to the people.