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The car of the future is fully electric, comes with an iPad…and it’s hitting the market in 2012. [PODCAST]


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Laurie Sparke, Vikash Rugoobur discuss electric cars in development

The future is coming to Australia’s motorways faster than we imagined, and EDay Life is steering the wheel. The Melbourne company has announced its plans to launch a fleet of fully electric cars on the Australian market in early 2012.

The vehicles will run on a two-battery model with a smart home charging system. While one battery is in use, the idle battery can be utilised to power the home during the day and recharge at night.

If that’s not enticing enough, the clincher will surely be the iPad on the dashboard that navigates all aspects of the car, including temperature, music, GPS and mobilisation.

In this podcast, Garry and Leon speak with EDay Life’s Dr. Laurie Sparke about the electric car technology and the plan for leasing the cars to consumers. They also hear from Vikash Rugoobur of Curve Tomorrow about the tablet that he’s developing for the cars and how it will redefine the driving experience.

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