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The 5th annual Angel Investor Conference to focus on sustainability of investment


Sustainability of investment is the main focus of the 5th Annual National Angel Investor Conference.  The Melbourne Angels are inviting entrepreneurs to come, collaborate, hear about the latest industry trends and learn of smart investment oppourtunities.

Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 29 February 2012 – 2 March 2012, the conference will consist of workshops, sessions exploring industry and tech trends, and discussions around what the community can do to ensure sustainable support for startups in the Australian economy.

Key Note speakers so far include:

  • Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman, TechnologyOne
  • \Doron Ben-Meier, CEO, Commercialisation Australia
  • Matthew Macfarlane, Yuuwa Capital
  • Franceska Banga, CEO, New Zealand Venture Investment Fund

For more information on how you can attend, visit http://www.aaai.net.au/.

Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) is the national forum for advancing the professional development of Angel Investors and furthering its members’ passion for investing in entrepreneurial success. AAAI is a social not-for-profit enterprise offering a range of networking, professional development, advocacy and research activities supporting members’ activities. Angel Investors are private individuals who invest their own personal assets (financial and intellectual) as Angel Capital into entrepreneurial high growth business opportunities. Angel Groups are the natural formation of like-minded individual Angel Investors who wish to leverage their combined intellectual and financial capital and shared deal flow. Angel Investors acting within Angel Groups are recognised as international best practice.