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One10 announces two new accelerator programs that will combine two popular start-up business approaches

One10 partners Emma Lucia (L) and Veronica Munro (R) with founder Geoff Gourley (C)

One10 is launching two new accelerator programs in September, Activate and Amplify, to help build capacity in positive impact start-ups.

This September, up to 12 start-ups will be invited to participate in Activate, and 5 start-ups in Amplify.

“At One10, we receive so many pitches from people who get lost between the idea and the execution, lacking the skills or process to create a viable, sustainable and impactful business,” said Veronica Munro, One10 CEO.

“These people are looking for more than just a business plan, they’re looking for support to work through the actionable steps in developing their idea. That’s why we’ve created the One10 Activate Program.”

Deb Cupitt, who is the Engagement and Impact Lead at One10, said “The UK is the hub for social enterprise, the US is the hub for fast growing and lean start-ups. We want to bring these business approaches together to create a thriving positive impact economy in Australia.”

The One10 team
The One10 team

What is the Activate program all about?

The Activate program has been created to transform ideas into action.

One10 is teaming up with In Common to deliver the program, which helps early stage purpose-driven entrepreneurs apply lean startup methods to create thriving businesses and positive impact.

The program is valued at $20,000, but is subsidised by One10 and will be delivered for $5,000 per startup. It will be run in Melbourne and Sydney, with plans to offer it in Brisbane in 2017.

You should apply for Activate if you’re an entrepreneur who:

  • has an idea for a social enterprise/positive impact start-up and wants to create real solutions to real problems.
  • is inspired to create a project that has the potential to create meaningful social and environmental change.
  • wants to bring their idea into fruition, and is committed to creating a sustainable and scalable positive impact business.

What is the Amplify program all about?

The Amplify program helps start-ups develop their best go-to-market strategy, build investment readiness, and raise seed capital. It is tailored for a cohort of start-ups at a similar stage in their journey.

The Amplify program will reinforce what’s good, adapt what’s shaky, and launch start-ups to the next level – all while holding their values at the core. The program is valued at $50,000, but is subsidised by One10 and will be delivered for $25,000 per startup.

This year it will be run in Melbourne, and will be offered in Sydney early in 2017.

You should apply for Amplify if you’re an entrepreneur who:

  • has a minimum viable product (MVP) with some traction, and is looking to scale their business and create positive impact.
  • is driven to create a more inclusive and sustainable world and who has an unwavering urge to leave the world a better place than they found it.
  • is looking to revolutionise the way we do business, and who believe that the power of business can be harnessed for good.
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