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The 10 Essential Tools for Online Marketing


Last Friday, I facilitated one of Anthill’s tri-annual Online Marketing Masterclasses in Sydney. (We have one in Melbourne this Friday, too.)

Toward the end of the day, I tried something new and attempted to demonstrate how we use a series of online tools to automate various aspects of Anthill and Antmart, and how I personally use these tools to assist some of my various online side-ventures and angel investments (ranging from lawn bowls products to cars).

The purpose of these tools is to make online marketing ‘manageable’, which is usually easier said than done.

The irony is that I found myself struggling. The tools proved easier done than said.

I use these tools to simplify my own marketing activities but I could not explain how they operate in sync with each other with… well… simplicity.

As such, I have decided to dedicate 10 articles to 10 essential online marketing tools — what we use, how we use them and how they operate together.

Sign up to this campaign and I will exploit you…

That’s my first promise. Yes, if you sign up to the campaign, I will exploit you.

To make the lesson that much more compelling, I am going to teach by using these tools. I will drag you through a sales funnel and I may even successfully sell you things. Indeed, this is the first lesson of online marketing (all marketing, in fact).

Every campaign needs a clear goal.

And, in most cases, this first goal is to sell more stuff (hopefully more often, to more people).

Sign up to this campaign and you will learn by doing…

That’s my second promise. If you sign up to this campaign, I will be constantly prompting you to take action. However, I’m sure you won’t mind.

You won’t mind that I’m teaching you (of course). You won’t mind that I’m forcing you to take action. And, hopefully, you won’t even mind that I’m ‘exploiting’ you.

This is because, while this email series is free, nothing for free is ever truly valued.

Sign up to this campaign and I’ll make you pay by ‘sharing’…

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Whichever of these sign-up paths you select, I’m going to need your email. (This is because I’ll need it to send you each installment in this eSeries.) However, during the series I’ll also be showing you how to compel others to use social media to ‘share’ your message for you.

So, you may as well start to get familiar with two of these tools now.

So, what are you waiting for? Opt-in, share and/or tweet. (As an aside, many of the share buttons above use language like ‘item’ or ‘download’. That’s not what we’re offering here. It’s an eSeries. Just so you know. Cool-bananas?)

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