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Here are 4 mobile marketing tips that every Australian entrepreneur should know today

The question is not whether your business should be doing mobile marketing; it’s more about where you should start. Here are top four ideas to help get your business mobile-ready

What you need to know about mobile security and how to protect yourself [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interestingly, while majority of the population have some form of a computer security software, 43% of mobile users do not have a security password, pin or even a pattern lock on their mobile phone.

Don’t let anyone sell you an online SMS gateway that lacks any of these...

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, mobile phone ownership amongst Australians over 18 is at a staggering 92 per cent. Therefore, mobile is...

Ovum’s short message: Bye bye SMS, hello social messaging

What’s 20 and already gasping for breath? That would be the SMS – or short messaging system, in many parts of the world the poor man’s email. It is still used by over two billion people on the planet, double the number of email users. But that’s all changing rapidly. Why, the SMS could even die – or probably metamorphose into an avatar of social messaging.

Hey mate, I need my money back. Do you know how many Aussies can’t...

It also found the majority of respondents (65%) were prepared to throw away at least $20 instead of having to chase a friend for the cash, with some saying they would even risk $100 to avoid the awkward follow-up. Money is tight for everyone right now but for some reason, Aussies still find it awkward, annoying, frustrating or even too risky for their friendships to chase friends for cash.

Email Marketing Summit Australia taps US email marketing guru for keynote address

The upcoming Email Marketing Summit Australia, slated for October, has snagged Jeanniey Mullen as its keynote speaker. Mullen is a guru in the world of email marketing campaigns, serving as head of Zinio, a world leader in digital publishing services and products. Mullen also heads up VIVmag, the world’s first fully digital luxury magazine for women. She has also founded The Email Experience Council, which is the world’s first and largest email marketing organization.

Daily deals are no done deals. Try simple SMS loyalty programs

Slexicon, founded by school buddies Vito Grigorov and Andrew Iliadis, finds a lot wrong with the daily deals. On top of their list is the high fees that are apparently killing margins and businesses – two-thirds of businesses that once participated in a Groupon deal suffered losses, according to a study in the U.S.

The sneaky SMS: 12 per cent of all mobile phone costs are created by...

Australian businesses are haemorrhaging moola thanks to the seemingly innocent SMS, according to The Full Circle Group. The telco expense management experts examined business SMS usage and costs over three years, including more than 250 business clients and a whopping two million SMS messages. The outcomes are likely to surprise you.

10 Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2011 [“Launching a mobile site will offer a greater...

Most retailers are going to be better off focusing on a mobile website first instead of a Smartphone application. A mobile website is well-suited for mobile shopping, is typically less expensive to develop, and can reach more end users with one site than multiple applications. Gartner estimates that over 85% of handsets shipped globally in 2011 will include a mobile browser. With mobile web traffic having grown 500% in the last two years, having a mobile site is now a necessity.

Three ways retailers should use mobile to attract customers this holiday shopping season

Have your competitors already started singing ‘Tis the Season’ to woo customers? As the battle for shoppers heats up, there’s a better way for retailers to give themselves an added advantage: attracting new customers, generating repeat business, and improving campaign analytics with easy-to-execute mobile marketing programs. Nishma Shah explains three simple methods for targeting mobile users.

Mark Ross-Smith, 2010 Anthill 30under30 Winner

Mark Ross-Smith describes SMSfun is the first Australia-based social network. The service, which offers a multitude of text-messaging plans while providing a home for chat rooms, user profiles and addictive contests, now has more than 1.2 million members linked by mobile and web.

Try SMS Advertising (Send 250 messages for free!)

Sponsored Message: In this 'mobile' world you need Mobile Advertising. And SMS is the quickest most efficient way to reach your clientele. We’re so confident that you’ll love this service that we’re offering a 250 SMS trial for FREE for all new businesses. That’s up to $55 in free SMS messages! Exclusive to all Anthillian readers only!

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#7: The Launch]

So you want to start a business but time and money are holding you back? Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin set himself the challenge of launching a startup in seven days for less than $500. He’s posted daily summaries for seven days. This is his seventh and final post in the series.

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#6: The Gateway]

AutoCarLog was quickly becoming a fully-functional system to manage vehicle mileage logbooks online. Now I needed a way for my customers to update their log books using SMS, and for this I needed an SMS gateway.

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#5: The Design]

So, you want to start a business but have no time or money? That’s no excuse, according to Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin. In early 2010, serial...

SMS payment for school canteen lunch orders now available via Easy Canteen

You might, from time to time, forget to give your kids money to pay for their lunch orders. Or perhaps your children have a habit of using the lunch money you give them to buy lollies instead of the alfalfa sandwiches for which it is intended. Either way, mHITs is hoping both parents and schools will sign up for Easy Canteen.

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