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Email Marketing Summit Australia taps US email marketing guru for keynote address


The upcoming Email Marketing Summit Australia, slated for October, has snagged Jeanniey Mullen as its keynote speaker. Mullen is a guru in the world of email marketing campaigns, serving as head of Zinio, a world leader in digital publishing services and products. Mullen also heads up VIVmag, the world’s first fully digital luxury magazine for women. She has also founded The Email Experience Council, which is the world’s first and largest email marketing organization.

Ms. Mullen will present a keynote address on the concept of how the global marketplace has changed the world of marketing through new technologies and ever-changing trends.

Mullen hopes that attendees of the October event will walk away with an appreciation for the following insights:

  • How customers manage their “digital day” and how email factors into that idea.
  • How future digital discoveries will enable email to remain king of the messaging realm.
  • How different the world of Generation Swipe (Gen S) will actually be.

Mullen is worshipped as a guru for her pivotal role in ushering in the new waves of digital marketing, connection, and communication. At the Summit, you can expect to hear Mullen’s most informed predictions for the future of email marketing.

The Email Marketing Summit is Australia’s only dedicated email marketing event. This year’s event will take place on Thursday, 18 October 2012 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you’d like to attend the Summit and hear all that Mullen has to say, you can purchase tickets in advance by navigating your browser on over to www.emsaustralia.com.au