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What you need to know about mobile security and how to protect yourself [INFOGRAPHIC]


In the wake of the DDOS attacks and WannaCry worms, the importance of data security has never been more apparent. Interestingly, while majority of the population have some form of a computer security software, 43% of mobile users do not have a security password, pin or even a pattern lock on their mobile phone.

This is despite the fact that mobile phones are for most people a hub of personal and sensitive information from SMS and pictures to online banking, Facebook, tap and pay and even password keepers.

So why do so many of us have a security system on our home computer but not out phone?

It’s perhaps considered that mobile phone operating systems are impenetrable. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2016, OS X malware attacks went up by 744% in an upward trend that is likely to continue as hackers identify new ways to penetrate operating systems and hack into apps that contain sensitive data.

So what can happen if your personal data is accessed? One possibility is that hackers could extort you for money, or potentially even sell your private information and passwords to the highest bidder.

In a bid to help educate individuals and businesses of the security vulnerabilities of mobile, the team at SMSGlobal have created an infographic on mobile security and how you to best secure your mobile phones.