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The top 5 latest trends on business security that every business owner should know

Due to the advancements in technology, there is cause for concern today for businesses and companies not just with their physical security.

Did you know that remote working is on getting popular world over? [INFOGRAPHIC]

All over the globe, remote working is on the rise. With the rise of technology in the likes of smartphones, tablets and laptops and also through increased online connectivity...

Spotless invites tech start-ups to participate in the first hackathon at the iconic MCG

Spotless Hack at the ‘G invites Australian’s creative minds in the tech and startup community to create solutions to real problems across sectors such as food and venue management, facilities and asset maintenance, cleaning, waste management and security.

The best way to handle personal online data may be to Pop! it

Love the convenience of e-commerce but feeling iffy about leaving sensitive data all over the online world? Technopreneurs Chris Koch and Chad Stephens have...

Meet DNA Security Solutions, Anthill 2013 Cool Company Award WINNER [Micro Business Category]

Show your support for this outstanding company. Tweet this article. “Like” this post. Leave a comment. Share the love! Anthill Cool Company Awards The Cool Company Awards...

Seth Godin explains why you need to listen to your lizard brain [VIDEO]

Customers are expecting more for less. What may have begun as a retail revolution, has resulted in a discount war. Essentially, for most businesses, it's a...

Breaking up is hard to do but, our toxic love affair with passwords must...

Most people have experienced a toxic relationship that they have stayed in too long. So I am sorry, I am going to be that interfering friend that tells you to: "Ditch your passwords. You deserve better!"

Do you know about the viruses and malware that already threaten your business?

Computer viruses can wreak havoc on anyone. But, when those bugs compromise the way you do businesses it can cause many more problems. Here are several types of viruses that can make an impact on your business, the issues that spawn from an infection, and what you can do to fix the problems.

Tired of having your million-dollar ideas stolen? There’s a new sheriff in town just...

With the prevalence of digital media and online sharing, an Australian company, Veridocx, has launched a cost effective way for people to protect their intellectual property and digital files.

What to look for when selecting a security provider

The volume of security companies in the market place competing for your business is almost over-whelming. Add to this the fact that all of them promise to deliver the ‘best service ever’ at the most competitive rates and by the most experienced people in the industry and you’re left playing a game of eenie meenie miney mo.

How to prevent ‘neighbours’ tapping into your wireless network

Cyber criminals and hackers can easily infiltrate an unsecured wireless network. Clearly, it’s important to take the proper measures to protect your internet. Even if a neighbour has a similar internet package, they can accidentally use your Wi-Fi or your broadband internet service for free instead of using their own. If you are living in close proximity to many other people – for example, in an apartment building – the risk increases dramatically with each tenant in close proximity.

Google’s top searches reveal glaring hole in small business planning: Backup

Possibly the least sexy aspect of running your own business, backup and data security are nonetheless fundamental to the operation of any enterprise. Think about it: what would happen if you lost all your files and contacts? Catastrophe, for sure – but this won’t ever happen to you, right?

Cloud computing is cool… until you’re caught with your pants down

Just how do you guarantee your security, whatever you deem it to be, when you are “in the cloud”? Well, unlike actually being in a plane and in the clouds, security and safety is up to you. A seat belt, a sick bag and the foetal position won’t help you. If you want it secure, secure it yourself.

Research: Smart phones and dumb employees are a toxic mix

Smart phones have brought both the world and the office to the palm and pocket, enabling increased productivity for the workforce on the move. However, this new-found freedom has exposed a mountain of previously secure company information to the threat of theft and destruction at the hands of cyber criminals.

IT security: the Danish pastry approach

You're in a bind - the IT guy keeps yammering on about security and the scare stories fill the press, but the costs seem excessive. With no water-tight guarantees, most security 'solutions' look like expensive snake oil. Could the solution be concealed within a popular baked confectionery? Colin Lewis thinks so.

The business of 'Keeping Us Safe'

For technology entrepreneurs, the war on terror has become the next Y2k. Governments are pumping dollars into defence and security with a level of...

The business of ‘Keeping Us Safe’

For technology entrepreneurs, the war on terror has become the next Y2k. Governments are pumping dollars into defence and security with a level of...
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