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Seth Godin explains why you need to listen to your lizard brain [VIDEO]


Customers are expecting more for less.

What may have begun as a retail revolution, has resulted in a discount war.

Essentially, for most businesses, it’s a race to the bottom. That is, who can do the most for less.

It is changing the way the world works, how businesses operate and yet, most people still behave in the same way as before this revolution began.

For example, there is no such thing as job stability anymore. Yet people expect it.

But, to counter balance all of this, we are living in a time of great opportunity.

If you want to publish a book, you can self publish – you don’t have to wait for a publishing house to choose your book.
The same applies for almost everything. Do you want to start a business? Start one.

We are at an interesting time in human and social evolution.

In this interview, Seth Godin discusses why these things matter, what you can do about it and, why listening to your lizard brain will give you the best chance for survival.

Seth Godin on why you need a home business