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Did you know that remote working is on getting popular world over? [INFOGRAPHIC]


All over the globe, remote working is on the rise. With the rise of technology in the likes of smartphones, tablets and laptops and also through increased online connectivity, many people are now able to connect to the Internet to conduct their work even while travelling.

This has of course raised concerns into issues like quality of work, security, accountability and so on but it has also meant that barriers to employment have been broken down. It is totally conceivable that a person working in India or China can work in close conjunction and communication with colleagues based in North America or Australia or basically anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

One element that won’t and can’t be amended is of course time zones. A person in Russia will be on an entirely different time zone to someone in New York city for example so how this will impact on a working day needs to be ironed out. It might require monthly meetings in a physical sense or quarterly but the basic fact is that all this potential “issues” will need to be discussed before a remote working arrangement can be agreed. The arrangement needs to work for everyone involved (both employer and employee) and not create a barrier to effective and transparent work output.

This infographic from the people over at Davitt Corporate Partners have put together this infographic which examines the area of remote working from the point of view of interesting statistics; it also highlights what is in the concept for the employers’ side of things and the employee’s side; it also indicates how remote working can be successful so check it all out below.