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Customer service is the new marketing

In a world where consumer and peer reviews are easily accessible via social media and the web, positive customer experiences become amplified and produce word-of-mouth referrals. On the flip side, negative customer experiences become amplified as well and can be kryptonite to even great companies.

ZMOT or, how to make friends and influence consumers

ZMOT - whether you’ve heard this or not, you’re probably thinking; not another term to add to the tedious marketing literature! Fond of acronyms or not, ZMOT stands to serve what is without argument, the most important change to marketing in the past decade.

Are you a buyer? Looking for a supplier online just got easier!

Most entrepreneurs will agree that finding the right supplier to fill a particular business need is often a time-consuming, costly, and sometimes haphazard process, no matter how large the company. New startup, Matchboard, may have the solution.

Do you have what it takes to be a Super Connector? [WORKSHOP EVENT]

super connector (noun) | people who maintain contact with thousands of people in many different worlds and know them well enough to give them a call.They are widely respected as an authority in their field and are masters of word-of-mouth. They do not seek new connections, leads and business. Opportunities finds them.

Why Gary Vaynerchuk loves social media: because it sells stuff [VIDEO]

Gary Vaynerchuk is the quintessential entrepreneur. He comes from entrepreneurial stock. His father, after escaping political upheaval in Belarus, had limited English and money, and went from stock boy to part owner of a liquor store in five years. In this frank discussion, Vaynerchuk spells out why he loves social media and how he's used it to sell and generate true word of mouth.

Sex and the saleswoman. How to keep it professional

Women have many innate traits that potentially can help them rise to the highest levels in sales. They have a natural ability to really “listen” to their customers, recognise and understand others’ needs. What’s more, they are great at harnessing their emotional intelligence.

Prospecting, prospecting, prospecting. Get your sales mantra right

Prospecting is the oxygen that fuels the fire of sales. Now, take a deep breath and grasp the full significance of that statement! Then, stop hyperventilating at the thought of selling, and read on. Simply put, there is no business without prospecting.

Stop taking it personally! Why ‘no’ doesn’t mean the end to your sales strategy

Many salespeople, especially those new to sales, expect people to like them and want to work with them. When they’re told ‘no’ they take it personally. What can you do to deal with a big, fat 'no'?

Believe it or not, death of the traditional field sales force is no exaggeration

Customers prefer to browse FAQ pages online, rather than encounter in-your-face sales representatives. When needed, they quickly email enquiries or call a customer service representative. It’s predicted that field sales force teams will no longer be required in the near future. With their days numbered, why are so many industries still insisting on hiring a strong sales force?

Top entrepreneurial qualities that sales people should employ (Or, Top sales skills that entrepreneurs...

You may be aware that I advocate the motto “everybody lives by selling something”. Whether you’re in sales or not you’re selling something of value, your services, skills, ideas or advice. Therefore, in sales, you don’t need to look far to get inspiration and tips for selling. If you see there is an industry or individual that is doing something great and becoming successful have a closer look at what they’re actually doing.

What buying decisions are your clients faced with?

A professional salesperson genuinely listens to customers, asks questions and works to meet their needs. They understand the “bigger picture” and the business environment and where both business and customer fit into the equation.

Do Australians suck at making sales? Take this guy’s advice and make ’em laugh

The prevailing wisdom is that Australians are rather pathetic with art of making a sale. If so, we should see if Mr. Kenny Brooks is available for a seminar or two. He might not be the world's greatest salesman, but he's certainly the funniest.

Ditch the script. Sales is about questions (and conversations).

A professional sales person communicates with all different types of people. The information you relay to a client and customer should be tailored for your audience. The best way to listen to a customer or client is to ask questions and listen to the answers. So, what are the values your clients hold dear?

How to get X-Ray like vision to see what’s really happening with your salespeople

Everyone measures sales as dollars done after the cash is in the bank or after the agreement is signed but good business operators know that there is more to it than that. Looking at your sales figures is like looking at your rear view mirror to check if you're going to have an accident ahead.

Stop trying to delight your customers; give them practical help instead

We all feel good when our customers are delighted. However, the longevity of your working relationship is not dependent forever rolling out shiny new sales and marketing services, but on how you can reduce the clients’ time spent on the basics.

Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street, talks about success, sales and the elements...

In the 1990s, Jordan Belfort soared to the highest financial heights, earning over $50 million a year as the notorious “Wolf of Wall Street,” and then sunk to the lowest societal lows, succumbing to a massive drug addiction and spending twenty-two months in a federal prison camp. In this Q&A interview with Alex Pirouz, he talks about the elements necessary to be successful in business, growing a company, and how to motivate sales staff to perform at their optimum level.

Need to sell but not a sales person?

In today’s world a good product is only one part of a sale, not the sale itself. A good salesperson is also not enough to secure a sale. Nowadays, many business people, business owners and individual professionals need to be able to make a sale but aren’t what we would traditionally call a ‘salesperson’.

Are you confusing your customers with too much information?

When it comes to selling, the internet means that consumers are now more aware, than ever before, of the different options available. But while new information enhances the power to choose, it also increases the power to confuse.

How to increase your customers desire to buy… by 60%. Get physical!

Albert Einstein may have said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, however, modern western society still tends to value what can actually be ‘seen’ (in the physical sense) more highly than ‘un-materialised’ ideas or visions alone. This raises a very important question: “How can we leverage the power of the ‘physical’ to raise our own or your product's perceived value, so you can sell more, charge more and ‘become’ a key influencer within your marketplace?”

Morale versus Execution: What’s more important to your team?

Morale -- the esprit de corps or "spirit of the body" -- is the capacity of a group of people to hold a common spirit of loyalty and comradeship. We think of morale as being deep-seated in the psyche of the individual or group. Execution, on the other hand, is the process of reaching an objective as the result of performance. A team's ability to execute is more of a surface measurement that's easily evaluated by an outside observer. Morale and execution are the cornerstones of any organisation.
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