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Do Australians suck at making sales? Take this guy’s advice and make ’em laugh


The prevailing wisdom is that Australians are rather pathetic with the art of making a sale. Too laid-back, too preoccupied with the weather, too friendly — take your pick (or disagree … that’s what the space at the bottom of this page is for).

But if we indeed require training on the art of the deal, we should see if Mr. Kenny Brooks is available for a seminar or two.

This guy might not be the world’s greatest door-to-door salesman (if he were, he’d be hawking for someone far less dodgy than Advantage Wonder Cleaner), but he’s certainly the funniest.

His no-holds-barred evangelism allows Brooks to describe his product as “Jesus in a bottle.” His puts his hopelessly white clients at ease with things like: “No water spots, no fingerprints, no streaks. That’s why we can’t sell it to criminals. Don’t tell O.J. or Tiger Woods, OK?”

There’s a nice backstory to this video. It was posted in February 2010 and languished on YouTube until the social media site Reddit featured it last month. The video now has nearly 600,000 views.

So — would you buy an all-purpose cleaning liquid from this man? Or just hire him for a gig at a comedy club?

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