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Sydney startup Tiliter announces partnership, introducing AI technology to thousands of supermarkets across Australia


Award winning Australian AI technology start-up Tiliter have recently announced their partnership with GaP Solutions which will see their fresh produce recognition software rolled out into thousands of stores nationwide starting in 2019.

GaP Solutions as market leaders in Point of Sale software and hardware solutions support supermarkets such as Harris Farm, IGA, FoodWorks, and SPAR.

Customers and cashiers alike will find themselves interacting with extremely accurate and speedy tech, propelling the mundane of grocery shopping into the first step of an automated retail experience.

Tiliter teaches checkouts to recognise products without barcodes.

Using artificial intelligence their patented system can detect any fruit or vegetable placed in front of the device, helping to automate the checkout process, save customer time, reduce checkout lines and most importantly, to help win the war against plastic waste.

How exactly does Tiliter work?

Tiliter takes bleeding edge computer vision and deep learning architectures and makes it easy to deploy them into existing and next generation industrial systems.

By solving the problem of fresh produce identification, they have built an incredibly scalable and cost-effective solution for object identification and even identifies similar looking fresh produce like red apples and varieties of avocados.

They are helping retailers to find their footing in the age of digitalisation and automation in addressing problems like long queues, self-service checkout frustration and plastic pollution.

Research by environmental consultants Eunomia estimate that top supermarkets in Europe are creating a plastic waste problem in excess of 800,000 tonnes per year.

CEO and co-founder of Tiliter, Marcel Herz comments, “Australian supermarkets much like German retailers have already done the right thing in no longer offering free plastic bags and Tiliter can help phase out unnecessary plastic around fruits and veg.’’

Tiliter team

What’s next for Tiliter?

‘‘We validated our tech and team by tackling a notoriously difficult niche of accurate fresh produce recognition. Everyone in the supermarket industry thinks it can’t be done well and everyone outside of this industry thinks it’s easy to achieve,” said Marcel.

Partnered now with GaP Solutions and with major global licensing contracts underway, Tiliter have proven the concept via an extensive rollout into supermarket chains across Australia.

In the process of rapidly expanding their team, Tiliter looks to launch into the US and European sphere where mammoth sized retailers are hungry for innovation.

“After finalising the development and deployment of fresh produce recognition we want to expand into a b2b, b2c platform where anyone in any industry can use our software to build their own recognition solution. It can then be deployed and integrated to existing computer systems or used as its own software in the form of a prediction app.’’

‘’We have been approached by and spoken to people who work in health, retail and manufacturing, all industries who need real process optimisation right now. Big tech companies tackle horizontally whereas we are attacking vertically via a platform that any business or consumer can use whether they are a farmer, scientist or small business owner.’’

‘’We want to be a platform that facilitates the world’s most accurate, flexible and easy to use recognition software,’’ states Marcel.