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This tech start-up has set out to become the Xero of social media influencer marketing


Hypetap is a new kid on the proverbial block that is the Aussie tech scene and this start-up is out to shake things up and democratise the explosive influencer marketing scene, for the better.

Whereas there are many new players popping up in this space, from management agencies, to databases, media buyers and creative agencies, Hypetap is determined to  be different and better, using smart tech to solve productivity, pricing, reporting and creativity issues currently being experienced in the industry — ultimately with the mission of fixing an emerging problem with authenticity in Australian content marketing.

What sets Hypetap apart from the rest?

Like Xero streamlines accounting to allow business owners to focus growing their business, Hypetap’s technology frees up and enables agencies, brands and influencers to work closely together on far more creative, collaborative, and authentic content.

While other providers are only compatible with some social platforms, Hypetap is cross social platform, covering Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and blogs, with the largest influencer network by reach (160 million) in the Asia Pacific region.

Hypetap’s model allows brands and agencies of all sizes and budgets to engage equally on the platform and gain benefits from influencer marketing. It is being used by hundreds of brands from small businesses to global brands such as Disney, LG, Nestle and Nine West.

It offers a two tiered model which allows basic self-service access and premium access, and an additional creative agency service where Australia’s most experienced influencer campaign managers execute campaigns on behalf of brands and agencies.

Hypetap enables brands to form relationships with influencers by creating content with them on the platform as opposed to purchasing pre-prepared content based on a brief.

As a workflow improvement platform, it breaks down each step of the process when working with influencers (negotiations, logistics, post management, reporting etc.)

Hypetap now has the largest invitation-only influencer network reach in Asia Pacific, with more than 1,400 influencers reaching an audience of 160 million. Booyah!

Who is Hypetap?

Hypetap was founded in 2014 by Detch Singh and Nikhil Madhok (an ex-investment banker and consultant, respectively), right as the influencer marketing space began to take off.

Detch Singh
Detch Singh

They started Hypetap to solve a problem of their own — in 2013, they were working on a consumer electronics business and looking to use social media influencers to promote their products.

Nikhil Madhok
Nikhil Madhok

They searched for, and tried to reach out to more than 100 influencers, the vast majority of whom didn’t reply. The whole process was fraught with inefficiency and uncertainty on the return on investment, and on their time. The idea for Hypetap was born.

What next for Hypetap?

The initial invite-only model enabled Hypetap to validate its concept and prove great results to clients before launching the platform more widely in the Australian market.

It is now looking closely into expanding into Asia in the near future. The team revealed that there is already collaboration with a few brands in Singapore and Indonesia with possibility to expand there in the next six months or so.

Hypetap has also just launched a creative agency model, so it’s focusing on encouraging agencies and brands to properly explore this new way of content marketing campaign management, with an emphasis on changing the industry’s current view on what makes authentic and valuable content.