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Quirky clock design to keep you on time


I’ve always found it a bit of a giggle that some people set all of their clocks a few minutes fast to fool themselves into thinking they’re late… thereby engineering an arrival on time, or (gulp) early. It’s a fairly definitive admission that you’ve failed miserably to become more organised and have resorted to wholesale self-deception in order to solve your tardiness issue.

Nevertheless, the tactic does seem to keep some serially-late people punctual. So, whatever works.

Regardless of your stance on deliberately-fast clocks, you have to doff your hat to this clock designed for tardy time-shifters by Italian design house Fabrica Design. The long hand on On-Time clocks deviates three minutes ahead to encourage you to get a move on.

Who knows whether they actually prevent lateness, but they have serious quirky-cool cred as wall art.

Via geeky-gadgets.com