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Stop competing with each other! Sage advice from the Retail Prophet


Doug Stephens is a futurist. This doesn’t mean he gets to wear a cap and some sort of wizard-like hat.

What it does mean is that he looks at the trends that are forming around retail, particularly online retail and consumer behaviour.

In this exclusive interview with Anthill, Stephens shares his insights into what is happening in retail in 2013 and, what any business that is selling anything online, can expect in the future.

And, what is the one thing he wishes retailers would stop doing? Competing with each other.

Why? Because when companies spend so much time trying to get one over a competitor, something very important is forgotten.

Doug Stephens will be speaking at the Online Retailer conference in Sydney, August 20-21.

Want even more prophecies on retail, check out Retail Revival. It’s one of those low-tech, paper numbers that can be read, even on flights when devices need to be switched off!


If you can’t see the embedded podcast, listen here.

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