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Political searches dominated Google last week. But which names were the fastest rising?


Twenty-four hours in politics is a long time in search.

According to Google, the 24 hours following Julia Gillard’s ascension to the top political spot saw millions flocking to online media reports, watching press conferences streamed live online, tweeting ferociously – and searching for everything we can find out about this long and remarkable day in Australian politics.

As at 2pm Thursday, June 24, the fastest rising search term on google.com.au was (to no-one’s  surprise):

australian labour party (1)

We guess this shows that while we may not be able to spell the name of our politically elected party (Australian Labor Party), we are passionate about politics.

This search term was followed by:

rudd speech (2)
tim matheison (4)
alister jordan (6)
kirribilli house (8)
quentin bryce (11)
craig emerson (15)
kevin rudd speech (18)

Rudd and Gillard might have been the names at the tips of our fingers but who were the other personalities involved that we want to know more about:

tim matheison (Julia Gillard’s partner) – 4th fastest rising
alister jordan (Kevin Rudd’s chief of staff) – 6th fastest rising
quentin bryce (Governor General) – 11th fastest rising
craig emerson (Small Business Minister) – 15th fastest rising
mark arbib (Minister for Employment Participation) – 56th fastest rising

It’s clear that we’re searching not only to get to know our political leaders better but also to learn more about the people who influence them.