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How Snackable is aiming to become ‘the Netflix of bite-sized content’ for millenials


Sydney company Kontented wants to become ‘the Netflix of bite-sized content’ aimed at the millennial generation with its mobile youth web platform and video network, SnackableTV.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW, Small Business and Skills, John Barilaro, said Kontented secured a $300,000 loan from the NSW Government through Jobs for NSW to help the company scale and grow to more than 50 full time staff in the next three years.

“Kontented is a great NSW Startup which launched its SnackableTV platform just a few months ago but has already had more than six million views, most of those from the 13-17 age group.

“Any parent with a teenager knows that they can sometimes be easily distracted, so the short form content provided by SnackableTV is ideal, covering everything from music to film and gaming, along with fashion, beauty and lifestyle, as well as podcasts,” Mr Barilaro said.

What is the story behind Kontented?

Kontented CEO Kate Edwards came up with the idea to create what’s being called “a Netflix for young people” while on maternity leave and is now growing the company at a rapid rate thanks to support from the NSW Government.

Since December the company has grown from five to 15 full time staff as well as engaging more than 15 contractors and hundreds of freelancers. There are plans to grow to more than 50 full time staff within three years.

Kontented has found a way to reach millennials who are increasingly consuming content via social media. The company has also recently secured a partnership with APN News and Media as the official youth broadcast channel on Catch – a free in-transit content player to be used as part of a Sydney based trial.

“This is an outstanding example of a forward thinking company that will provide a springboard for NSW’s burgeoning creative talent,” Mr Barilaro said.

Kontented CEO Kate Edwards said: “We hope to create a sustainable content marketplace where creators and makers of quality content have a path for distribution which will in turn create jobs and steady growth for our creative industry.

“The hardest audience to find is a young audience and we aim to be the Netflix of short-form content for young people. Rather than go to Facebook we want them to check out SnackableTV because there is no opinion, no likes, no trolls, just good content.”

Mr Barilaro said sufficient early-stage funding was a key growth accelerator for SMEs but businesses faced challenges in accessing necessary funds from traditional financial institutions.