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iPhone app review: TripIt


iphone, tripit, iphone apps, michelle matthewsApp: TripIt

Category: Travel

Price: Free

Pro version: US$69 annual subscription

Associated website: http://www.tripit.com

The travel category of apps is the premium space on the iPhone app store – the Paris end, if you will. Although the more pricey apps reside here, they might make the difference between a great or average trip, missing or catching a flight, so it’s worth considering forking out the coin.

TripIt takes your raw online flight bookings forwarded to [email protected] and converts them into easily accessed, easily read itineraries. No last minute worries about going to the wrong terminal at Changi or Heathrow as it’s all listed. No scrambling for links to check flight status or airline booking details either. And aviation geeks can complete their personal logbook with aircraft type, distance and flight time information.

TripIt is also great for sharing travel plans. Like many apps, you need to sign up online, then invite your friends as connections and select to access their travel information.

The free TripIt app is part of a broader service. The pro version, which is really a subscription service charged at US$69 per annum, alerts you to delays, cancellations and gate changes. It can also help you find competitive alternative flights and track your frequent flyer points. Try the 30 free trial to see if it is for you.

The most impressive aspect is the speed at which bookings are processed and available on the TripIt app on your iPhone – generally well under 10 minutes – so it is useful even for the most spontaneous traveller.

Michelle Matthews, deck of secretsMichelle Matthews is the founder of the Melbourne-based publishing company Deck of Secrets. In November 2008, the company launched its first iPhone app – DRINK. Melbourne. It now offers 10 apps, with more on the way. Michelle’s iPhone has all 11 app screens filled, with dozens more in iTunes.