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SMEVentures expands footprint into Australia with ACE Training acquisition


SMEVentures has acquired ACE Training.

Rob Gaunt, the Director at SMEVentures and incoming Chief Executive Officer of ACE Training expressed exciting optimism.

“ACE has an outstanding 20-year track record as a premium training provider in Victoria.”

“We see great potential to build on that foundation in the coming years.”

Nicky Thomas, the founder of ACE Training is also excited by this development.

“I knew Rob Gaunt is the best person to continue the success of ACE Training brand.”

“Great importance was attached to our ability to effectively approach the right person to purchase the ACE Training brand and sustain the growth already achieved,” said Nicky.

Benefits from the acquisition of ACE Training.

SMEVentures’ acquisition of ACE Training marks Australia’s first ever acquisition via a search fund, a niche buyout model developed at Harvard and Stanford universities.

“We are extremely thrilled to bring the search fund model to Australia.”

“We saw a very clear opportunity in this market, and this deal is a good example of what search funds can accomplish in Australia,” says Jake Nicholson, Director at SMEVentures.

ACE Training incites SMEVentures.

ACE Training was established in 2001 by Nicky Thomas.

ACE Training provides nationally recognized training, assessments and licenses in oil & gas, mining, agriculture, power, water, paper, transport, manufacturing and construction.

ACE has made a name for itself as one of the state’s premier training providers, employing over 50 people across four campuses in regional Victoria.