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SixthSense technology combines physical and digital worlds [video]


Move over iPad, there’s a new emerging technology on the block.

Originally the stuff of science fiction, the merging of physical human experience with the digital world has moved forward at a dramatic rate in recent years, particularly when it comes to touch screen technology and even brain-computer interfacing. It seems that the biggest impediment to development in this area is now our imagination.

Cue Pranav Mistry, PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab and inventor of SixthSense technology.

Mistry believes that the next step in computing is blending human gestures in the physical world with that of our everday digital needs, thus bringing it and us closer together. At the same time this will free us from the interfacing restrictions that we currently experience.

Not only has he developed the prototypes of this technology, but he also claims that he is going to make it open source.

Impressive, mind-boggling stuff.