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SEO: Art or science? How will Google Glass change search? An interview with Stephan Spencer


Stephan Spencer knows a thing or two about search. He’s been working on the finer points of SEO since 1999.

In this exclusive Anthill interview, we discuss not just the facts and the myths of SEO but, also how much the world is about to change.

Google Glass is just the beginning, according to Spencer. What about wetware? What does that mean for search as we know it? And, I’m not talking about swimsuits here.

If you want to know how to choose the right SEO supplier, then Spencer has some straight forward tips that any company can follow. Including, using his guide to SEO myths as primer before you speak to potential suppliers.

If you want to hear more, Stephen Spencer is speaking at the Ecommerce Expo in Melbourne, 17-18 of April. Tickets are on sale now.

Interview with Stephan Spencer, Co-Author of The Art of SEO and author of Google Power Search

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