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Sally Arnold, 2010 Anthill 5over50 Winner


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What is 5over50?

5over50 is an Anthill initiative launched in mid-2010 as an offshoot of its popular 30under30 awards. It recognises Australian entrepreneurs over age 50 who have started a new business in the past five years. More.

Sally Arnold, VIC (b. 1950)

Name: Sally Arnold
Age: 60 (Born: August 1950)
Gender: Female
State: VIC

Sally Arnold feels the music. It flows around her and through her, syncopating the tempo of her life, which has including career stops as a professional flautist and as corporate development manager for the Australian Ballet.

So, as she entered the homestretch of her fifth decade on this planet, Arnold decided to form a company that would combine her business and arts backgrounds in a unique way. Corporate Creative Directions, which she formed in 2007, is a coaching/team-building service that uses music and art to help co-workers solve problems, develop business strategies and blend their talents more effectively.

In a typical CCD session, participants listens to a piece of classical music and to visualisation cues from a facilitator. Each person then writes something, based on the goal or issue at hand. Then, individually or as a group, they create a collage that illustrates an obstacle or a solution.

In a testimonial posted on the CCD website, Samantha Fernando of the law firm Minter Ellison wrote: “CCD provided me and my team a wonderful insight into each other’s dreams and aspirations.”

Arnold said her time with the Australian Ballet helped form the idea for CCD. “Sponsors of the ballet would say they would go back to their office after being around dancers, the production team, etc., and look at challenges and problems with new eyes.”

A professional career as a flute player was Arnold’s original goal, until hearing problems forced her to set the instrument aside when she was 26. She then directed a passion for cooking into her own gourmet cookware shop in the late ’70s. She worked in boutique shops at Buckley & Nunn and developed cookware products in Korea and Taiwan before taking the development position with the Australian Ballet, which she held for six years.

Her work with the ballet, along with work with the Victorian and NSW Institutes of Sport, showed her the difficulties dancers, musicians and athletes can have when their careers end at a relatively young age. She set aside three years to study psychotherapy, then put together career-coaching programs programs for performance artists. These programs evolved into Corporate Creative Directions.

Arnold said her career-coaching work was and is driven by a desire to get back in touch with the “passion, purpose and love” of being a musician, “and how music can ignite every part of my being.”


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