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This is quite possibly the best World Cup ad ever [VIDEO]


First up, I will admit I don’t have a lot of interest in the World Cup.

I consider Moss from the IT Crowd to be my kindred spirit when it comes to the World Cup.

But, I know people travelling to Brazil for the experience. I know people who will be getting up at crazy hours to watch the matches they don’t really care about.

And, as with every major sporting event, there will be some great ads from the big brands.

This one from McDonald’s is awesome to watch.

I like the complete lack of product placement.

I like that it feels natural and not staged, even though, obviously, it is.

I like to think about how much practice, determination and dedication all of the people featured in it have for their sport.

It’s that same determination and dedication that inspires entrepreneurs to do what they do. So, play on Anthillians!

McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup – Brasil 2014 | McDonald’s