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Get leads with a Big Blue Box! [Email Advertising]

Get leads with a Big Blue Box! [Email Advertising]

Anthill is a ‘lightning rod’ for innovative, Australian business owners. This is your chance to land your promotion in the inboxes of over 13,000 of Anthill’s opt-in email subscribers.

  • Get your business in front of business owners and influencers
  • Reach an email database of over 13,000 proactive and responsive email recipients
  • Get the frequency you need to cut through — package includes two mail-outs!

If you’re seeking customers and clients with a passion for business growth, you’d be hard pressed to find a more targeted advertising channel.

The Big Blue Box Promotion is…

A message or offer presented as part of Anthill’s email newsletter.

Hard to miss!
A Big Blue Box promotion intelligently positions your message within the body of an Anthill email, wedged between articles. It’s hard to miss!

Run a picture to increase impact
If you’d like to run a picture in your Big Blue Box, we can do that too (see right). It’s really up to you!

Note: Your message may appear in different sections of the email, automatically rotating as part of Anthill’s self-optimising email software to increase click-throughs. The placement right is provided as a sample only.

Significant reach!
Best of all, with an Anthill Big Blue Box promotion, your message will be sent to over 13,000 email recipients, two times in any month. Your promotion will be placed in two emails (mailed 26,000+ times in total).

Excellent value!
Anthill’s casual rate for a Text Promotion in any one of its email newsletters is $95 per 1,000 email recipients. Because your message will be sent to Anthill’s 13,000 subscribers TWICE, this deal represents over $2,470 in value!

Easy to set up! A Big Blue Box promotion takes only moments to set up, unlike banner advertising that requires expensive and time consuming preparation and design costs. Simply provide a headline, body text a destination URL and an image (optional).

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