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Pitch in! Majoran is crowdfunding for renovations to its Adelaide co-working space


Adelaide co-working space Majoran has launched a crowdfunding campaign, using new platform Set in Motion to raise $20,000 for its upcoming renovations.

Majoran started in July 2012 as a space for like-minded coworkers to use to collaborate on their ideas and has grown more than 250 members with a focus on IT entrepreneurs.

Majoran MD Aainaa Rahman (pictured) said that for Adelaide, Majoran has created a far more reachable entry point for start-up businesses and is affordable and provides access to support systems, mentors, talents and networks within Adelaide.

“Majoran is able to keep costs and overheads down for Adelaide’s up and coming start-ups by being a not-for-profit business and using creative ways to fund its projects,” Ainaa said.

Majoran is situated in one of Adelaide’s oldest heritage buildings in the heart of the city.

“Unfortunately before Majoran moved in, the interiors of the building had been left behind as the modern world steamed ahead. Whilst it is currently functional, more work is required to create not only a safer but also more innovative and exciting environment,’ Ainaa pointed out.

Funds raised will be used to fix lighting, add signage and branding and to refurbish entry areas and meeting rooms.

Once completed Majoran will hold a “2.0 Launch Party” to show off the new inspiring space where Adelaide’s entrepreneurs do their best work.

To pledge any amount of money big or small, follow this link.

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