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Paula Grant, 2014 Anthill 30under30 Winner


What is the 30under30?

30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.

Each year, we invite our readers to nominate young Australian entrepreneurs deserving of recognition for their outstanding entrepreneurial endeavours. More.

Paula Grant, QLD (b. 1985)

Name: Paula Grant
Age: 29 (born  March 1985)
Gender: Female
State: QLD
Known for: XiXi Lu

Have you ever caught yourself dreaming about what you should be doing with your life? Most of us have — it’s perfectly normal.

That dream turned into Paula Grant’s reality when, over a few glasses (or bottles) of wine her sister, Dani, the pair decided to take the leap of faith and start their own business, XiXi Lu.

“Our passion, coupled with our wealth of experience, has seen us help dozens of clients achieve their marketing and operational goals. Whether they are an established company looking to improve on internal processes; or a small to medium sized business looking to go back to basics we help other businesses turn their dreams into reality,” Paula told Anthill recently. 

XiXi Lu is a full-service marketing and corporate consultancy. The company’s services include marketing strategy, branding, product launches, and event management, among other consulting-related tasks.

And it’s no wonder XiXi Lu is indeed formidable, since Paula draws inspiration from The Art of War.

“I view business as one big game, of who can provide the best value to customers in the most timely fashion as e-commerce has made consumers want everything yesterday,” she told us.

“One night in bed I lay reading and a specific phrased stood out to me: ‘Opportunities multiply as they are seized,’ which is a quote from Sun Tzu.” 

And XiXi Lu is rapidly making a name for itself as it seizes upon opportunities knocking. The company turned over $500,000 in its first year of operation. In that time, the sisters Grant saw their team grow from just the two of them, to nine employees.

XiXi Lu was previously named one of Anthill’s Cool Companies, and now, Paula Grant joins the ranks of Anthill’s 2014 30under30 Winners. 

Anthill asks: Paula Grant, what’s your super power?

I wouldn’t be who I am without my side-kick, my amazing sister and business partner. Like any great super hero I would be lost flying solo. Dani offers an incredible set of skills and knowledge and brings me back to reality when needed, that make us an unbeatable duo.


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