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Owning an invisible cloak just moved one step closer to reality. Next stop, golden lasoos [VIDEO]


Harry Potter had one. But, it can be argued that Wonder Woman invented the concept.

And now, well, it seems we might be able to own one too!

Yes, it’s an invisibility cloak.

There are been variations on this theme in the world of science for a while but, previously, they required polarised light to work.

This latest innovation works in natural sunlight. And, while I don’t think it will be on the shelves in time for Christmas, this idea of making objects invisible is getting closer to reality.

And, when I say cloak, in this instance, I mean a piece of glass. A piece of glass where, if you go behind it, you become invisible. But, I’m sure the team are working on taking this invention further and into other materials.

It was created as joint deal between China’s Zhejiang University and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with support from the University of Southampton and Boston’s Marvell Technology Group, and was led by Baile Zhang from Nanyang.

While, usually, there are few things less interesting than watching a fish swim in a tank of water, this one is different. Watch as the fish plays hide’n’seek, gets poked with a stick, and then, oblivious to the whole situation it’s in, swims into plain sight from behind its invisible shield.

Now, if only it can be applied to an aircraft, I’ll get that invisible jet I’ve always wanted. The next quest would be to find a golden lasoo.

(Image source: Wikipedia)

Goldfish disappearing behind invisibility shield