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From the sixpack to the cellar: online retailer BoozeBud (formerly BeerBud) expands into wines and spirits


Australia’s largest online craft beer retailer, BoozeBud, formerly known as BeerBud, has today announced its expansion into premium and boutique wines and spirits, adding hundreds of alcohol brands to its already comprehensive range of craft beers.

BoozeBud says its product expansion and subsequent name change is in response to overwhelming demand from Australian customers seeking products they can’t find elsewhere, and a change from the traditional big name bottle shop offering, to a more interesting and personalised alcohol purchasing experience.

BoozeBud offers an impressive array of premium and boutique alcohol from around the world, the likes of which are not available in big name bottle shops, at the lowest price.

Its smart platform connects consumers with producers and is intuitively designed to encourage exploration of different brands from Australia and abroad, aligned to individual tastes, with personalised sample boxes available.

The platform is underpinned by a sophisticated logistics network ensuring fast and efficient delivery Australia-wide.

Why venture into wines and spirits?

“It’s been a whirlwind twelve months with customer demand far outstrippping anything we could ever have predicted,” said Andy Williamson, co-founder of BoozeBud.

“We knew there was a niche in the market to sell craft beer online when we founded what was then BeerBud. Expanding the range into wine and spirits was a natural progression in what has been an exciting journey so far, and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” explained Williamson.

“People love the online shopping experience we offer, the ability to buy individual bottles to create their own mixed cases and the personal connection to hundreds of local producers. Customers want to know more about the producers they’re buying from and the origins of their products, and BoozeBud puts that information at their fingertips.”

The BoozeBud team: Alex Gale, Andy Williamson and Mark Woollcott
The BoozeBud team: Alex Gale, Andy Williamson and Mark Woollcott

How is business going for BoozeBud?

The beer, wine and spirits shelf is growing quickly, with over 1,200 products across a diverse range of styles from 300 brands currently stocked and more added each week.

The producers represented on BoozeBud’s shelves are well and truly global, already covering 5 continents  — including the likes of Lark Distillery in Tasmania, Brewdog in Scotland, Armorik Single Malt Whisky in France and Mezcal Vago in Mexico – and cater to all tastes be they premium, hipster or run-of-the-mill.

BoozeBud works with some of Australia’s biggest beverage companies, including Lion and Diageo, as well as the best and most exciting independent craft breweries, distilleries and wineries.