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One in five Facebook accounts hacked. Are we too lazy to protect ourselves? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Nearly one in five of us have had our Facebook accounts hacked, according to a new Australian survey.

And it’s not just our mates playing harmless pranks either, with a significant proportion of respondents saying they’d had abusive messages, hoaxes, scams or other offensive material posted from their account without their knowledge.

Melbourne online marketing agency, Optimising surveyed more than 850 Australians on how well we protect our social media accounts and other online data.

Among the findings were that 23 per cent of us have never erased our cookies and that only 39 per cent of us have used private mode on our browsers.

We all huff and puff about the government tracking our metadata and yet many of us aren’t taking even the most basic steps to protect our information from individuals and organisations that are way more sinister than our democratically elected governments!