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How LeapFrog Retail is putting some ‘Moneyball” into the retail game


LeapFrog Retail is a new retail solutions company that is helping Australian retailers go “Moneyball”.

Using statistical analysis akin to the “sabermetrics” employed by American baseball fanatics, LeapFrog is on a mission to help retailers hit a homer by providing informed retail strategy, store operations support, and new store development.

The launch of LeapFrog Retail comes after noticing a gap in the market and, eight years of meticulous research, development and testing.

Making the right decision requires the right information. LeapFrog Retail is making this possible with a scientific approach that reveals vital new insights for retailers to unlock their hidden sales, profit potential and productivity.

LeapFrog Retail’s “Insights Guy”, Eugene Izzard has more than 20 years of retail experience and is thrilled to be helping retailers make informed decisions that will help out on the bottom line.

The whole idea is based on a book that was based on actual events surrounding the 2002 Oakland Athletics’ record season. Following on from the book was the 2011 hit movie “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt. In the movie, the filmmakers highlight the way utilising data can impact success. This is precisely the same mentality that Leapfrog Retail aims to bring to the retail sector.

“The problem is that retailers can’t identify the main problems. Most retailers want growth but they stick to traditional measures that don’t reflect this and hold back growth. One of the main issues is the negative mindset of retailers when it comes to evaluating their business and this hinders on the growth of the business,” Izzard said.

With the help of Angela Gawne, who is LeapFrog Retail’s “Action Girl” – Izzard and company aims to ‘widen the lens’ on the way retailers currently operate by providing valuable insights that have been previously overlooked.

From a standing start in July, 2012 LeapFrog Retail is proud to be working with some of Australia’s largest retailers and partner brands with a footprint of 15 or more stores. LeapFrog Retail’s typical clients are national company owned chains, franchised brands, licensed brands, and banner brands.

So retailers rejoice: Now you can recruit an MVP called LeapFrog to bring truth out of your numbers, and put some “Moneyball” into your game plan. Batter up!