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Now you can draw in 3D or, you will be after the latest Kickstarter high performer gets going [VIDEO]


So many cool things, so little time to play with them all.

I try to make a regular investment into awesome projects on Kickstarter. This month, the 3Doodler is seriously vying for my cash!

So far, I’ve invested in a Sensu brush, a Pebble and I eagerly await my Lifx bulbs.

Enter the 3Doodler. It’s a pen that drawers in 3D, rather, it prints in 3D. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

The company needed $30,000 pledged on Kickstarter to go into production. With three weeks to go in its campaign, the 3Doodler has raised over $2 million in pledges.

The company, founded by a game creator and inventor, has joined forces with two sculptors who work with wire and sell via Etsy, to showcase their amazing invention.

I think I know what I’m buying myself for my birthday this year!

Get in quick if you want one of the first versions. Many of the 3Doodler Kickstarter packages have already sold out.

3Doodler: The world’s first 3D printing pen