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Not getting any love from the media? Three tips to master the media jungle. [FREE CHEAT SHEET]


Does this sound familiar?

You have a great business. You’re doing exciting things. Your friends, family, customers, and clients are gushing with praise for your innovative product or service. You’ve even got that ever-elusive ‘wow factor.’

But despite all that, you just can’t seem to get any love from the media.

Do you find that, much to your consternation, your inferior competitors are the darlings of the media? Don’t cue the sad trombone just yet.

Relax. If that does sound like your life in the media so far, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Getting media exposure is one of the biggest hurdles every business at some point faces.

In this Anthill Academy’s tutorial, James Tuckerman gets the good oil from ex-pro footballer and business owner, Jason Akermanis; SciBiz Media & Communications owner and science communications mastermind, Jess Tyler; and the illustrious and talented, Anthill Editor and all-around media relations wonder woman, Jen Storey.

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1. Jason Akermanis: entrepreneurial football hooligan?

You’ve certainly seen and heard Jason Akermanis before.

Thanks to his trademark two-tone hair scheme and outspoken nature, he’s been making waves in the mainstream sports media for years.

As one of four redheads playing footy on his team in 1999, Jason set himself apart by changing his hair. He intuitively knew that he needed to differentiate himself in some way.

The move proved to be an entrepreneurial boon for the young Akermanis, who kept the look thereafter and is quick to explain his logic in doing so to up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

“What’s going to set you apart is,” says Akermanis, “how rare you can be and how good your product is.”

Early in his career playing professional football, Akermanis created the Aker Army, elevating what the press dubbed “Akermania” to fever pitch, with a line of branded beanies and tees aimed at youth.

The lessons he learned in cultivating frenzy around himself on and off the field have led him to business ownership, with Super Sonic Global Payments.

In the full webinar, Akermanis discusses his life in the spotlight and shares his best advice on how you too can “give a little bit of yourself” to the public to tell your story and grow your business.

2. Jess Tyler: helping propeller-heads survive the media

Jess Tyler is a woman in demand.

She sets her own schedule, and does things her own way.

She works with scientists who have no trouble drawing double helixes but who find it hard to construct simple sentences. Now that’s challenging.

Tyler is the owner of SciBiz Media & Communications, a company that occupies a very unique niche.

“When I started out, there were no ‘interwebs’,” says Tyler.

“The profession has really grown and matured a whole heap since then.”

“So my take has been to niche-ify into an aspect of science communications that has grown, which is technology marketing. Not so much about taking big picture science to the public, but helping high tech companies marketing their innovations to their own market.”

Tyler’s work is challenging because she has to communicate hard-to-understand information to attention-poor journalists.

Tyler’s interview gives you the skinny on the value of pitching to your target audience through trade-specific media in order to get maximum return-on-investment (ROI).

3. Jen Storey: Editor extraordinaire and top notch media maven

Jen Storey has a rich history writing and editing business publications.

She mans (or perhaps, that is, womans) the gate around here at Anthill.

This means that she wades through hundreds of pitches a day. In this interview, she shares what a discerning editor is looking for, which also happens to explain why many press releases don’t make it to press time.

Storey has seen it all, and she knows exactly what it takes to get media exposure.

“First, you’ve got to actually be remarkable,” explains Storey, “You need to have done something remarkable.”

“I love that you’ve launched your new business, or your new app, or your new call centre. But that doesn’t necessarily make it news.”

Storey shares what it takes to make the news headlines, outlining just how important remarkability is to gaining media exposure. She’s versed in the ups, downs, and pitfalls of media relations, and in the webinar she shares hotly-coveted tips on how you can cut through the media bush and get your message heard.

Jen serves up the inside scoop on the media relations process and it’s quite like having a fly – err, an ant – on the editorial office’s wall.

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