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A cat video with a difference. How to monitor your creative brain waves [VIDEO]


It’s a simple enough concept. Wear giant cat ears, let your brainwaves do the talking.

Necomimi may not be the latest must have accessory this winter but, they are sort of interesting.

When your brain gets working, neurons start firing up. This creates an electrical signal that can be interpreted, in this case, by giant cat hears.

The ears move into a downward position when you’re relaxed. They point up when you concentrate. When they wiggle, you’re in the zone – that time when you brain is really humming – be it when you are drawing, writing, creating or playing sport.

They’re a snip at US$70 and, are now available in various cat ear colours and, the all-new devil horns!

Imagine being able to see who was really in the creative zone when planning the next stage of the business. Or, perhaps with practise, they could be used to voluntarily switch your brain waves around to whatever the situation requires – concentration, relaxation or, being ‘in the zone’. Every entrepreneur could do with that!

They may, however, be an ill advised choice of headwear for the office poker game.

Necomimi, the brain wave cat ears