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Australian HR software provider ELMO is the first to market with ATO integration


ELMO Talent Management Software became the first unified HR software provider to integrate with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) offering paperless electronic submission of Tax File Number (TFN) Declarations through its onboarding solution.

First-to-market in the HR sector, the ELMO ATO integration further automates the onboarding process, increasing the responsiveness and cost-effectiveness of the HR team, as well as improving the employee experience. Over 500 Australian employers on the ELMO platform can now submit TFN Declarations online, as opposed to printing and posting forms to the ATO.

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is built into the ELMO onboarding solution making it SBR-enabled. SBR is a standard approach to online or digital record-keeping that was introduced by the Australian Government in 2010 to simplify business reporting obligations.

Danny Lessem, CEO of ELMO Talent Management Software, said, “We are continually developing our software to make HR administration more efficient for our clients. The ELMO ATO integration expedites the HR onboarding process through the digital lodgement of TFN Declaration forms, saving time, ensuring data accuracy using inbuilt checks, and immediately linking new employees to the employer in the ATO database.”

“Previously, only accounting or payroll software packages had the capability to lodge TFN Declarations online. Other HR onboarding technology only provides the electronic form to capture TFN Declaration information which still needs to be mailed to the ATO. This new arrangement with the ATO helps ELMO clients reduce manual processing and eliminate paperwork,” added Lessem.

What exactly does ELMO do?

ELMO is responding to the growing need in the market for a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to automate HR processes for recruitment, onboarding, learning, performance, succession and leave management. This process allows HR departments to become well organised, saving time and eliminating paperwork.

ELMO provides these new tools that increase responsiveness and cost-effectiveness, resulting in a much more improved employee experience. A few years ago, the banking industry moved online, becoming paperless. Now the HR industry is undergoing a similar technological revolution. HR is increasingly adopting automation through cloud-based technology making it efficient and economical to most businesses. Companies using ELMO now have more visibility and control over its HR processes.

ELMO platform

What is the story behind ELMO?

ELMO Talent Management Software was founded in 2002, by two former Compu-Technologies executives, Danny Lessem and Manuel Garber.

Danny and Manuel were initially approached by some clients that required an effective method for training their employees. ELMO built an advanced content management software system that pulled together text, images, voice and videos to create effective e-Learning. Danny realised that this process also required the use of cutting-edge HR automation software. ELMO then embarked on an ambitious program of creating special software for this purpose.

Danny is the current CEO of ELMO and Manuel is a Director. As CEO, Danny Lessem initially transformed the company from being a digital agency, to becoming a world class e-Learning content provider. In recent years, ELMO grew further by developing its own unique HR automation software.

How is ELMO doing so far?

ELMO has recently become the first unified HR software provider to integrate with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) through its onboarding solution. The integration with the ATO offering paperless electronic submission of Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration, has been a very important milestone for ELMO.

ELMO recently made a significant acquisition by procuring a leading e-learning company, Techniworks in a multi-million dollar deal that substantially increases ELMO’s market penetration, specifically into key government departments.

In the past 18 months, ELMO has launched three products including solutions for recruitment, onboarding and succession. These innovative modules were soon adopted by many ELMO customers, increasing the efficiency of its HR departments.

In the last five years, ELMO has grown from a staff of 20 to over 100 employees throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Approximately six months ago, ELMO officially launched in New Zealand and subsequently open a second office in Sydney.