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Mobile Embrace continues its international expansion launching into the UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia


Mobile commerce company Mobile Embrace Limited recently announced that it continues to strengthen its performance marketing operations with the rollout of the cloud-based performance marketing technology platform into Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. This comes just a few days after the platform was also launched in Singapore and Malaysia. Revenue is already being generated in all four new markets.

MBE’s performance marketing operations, which allow businesses to easily profile their customers, target the right demographic, and validate data and track results, are now live in Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong with an additional nine markets being assessed for rollout.

Chris Thorpe, CEO and Co-Founder at Mobile Embrace, said, “The take-up of our performance marketing operations is encouraging having delivered strong growth. We are pleased to confirm that they are now generating revenue in eight territories. We are now focused on rolling out the operations to a further nine international markets which will significantly enhance revenue streams across the business.”

The potential that lies in Asia

South East Asia, in particular, offers a significant revenue growth opportunity for the performance marketing business and revenue is already being booked from revenue-sharing partnerships. Malaysia and Singapore have a combined population of approximately 35 million and additional markets in South East Asia are in the pipeline.

Mobile Embrace is strategically pursuing global expansion of both its mobile marketing and direct carrier billing businesses in similar markets so it can leverage its operational efficiencies and synergies. The carrier billing business is operating in six territories that include Singapore and Malaysia.

“South East Asia presents a huge opportunity for our performance marketing operations and the early revenue we have generated is encouraging,” Chris remarked.

“MBE’s performance marketing technology platform is ahead of the market in terms of performance and ROI. We have demonstrated in Australia, New Zealand, France and the UK that we can deliver superior lead generation through our performance marketing offering. South East Asia is expected to add significantly to our performance marketing revenue streams through expansion in Singapore, Malaysia and new markets in the region as we roll out the offering.

“South East Asia and Asia more broadly is an important market for MBE and we are aggressively pursuing organic growth opportunities for both our performance marketing and direct carrier billing operations. The addition of a new direct carrier billing market is imminent and we look forward to updating shareholders on this very shortly.”