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Meet REND Tech, Anthill 2014 Cool Company WINNER [Social]


Anthill Cool Company Awards

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Company: REND Tech
Website: www.rendta.com
State: NSW
Category: Social Capitalist

In 2012, REND Tech founder Rob Khamas set about to enable the Australian healthcare industry to treat more patients, more efficiently by leveraging cloud-based technology.

“We knew that we can enable Australian health businesses to treat more patients by using the right technology,” Rob recently told Anthill Online.

“As a large country, its quite hard for health professionals to reach remote patients or for remote health businesses to reach resources to deliver better care to their patients. We spoke to a number of partners, worked hard and tailored Cloud for Health. This solution enables remote health professionals to have access to software, resources and support the same as the city based health professionals. We’ve helped them assist and treat remote patients in remote areas.”

Within a month of that realisation, Rob started REND Tech using his personal savings.

Now, the company helps Aussie healthcare businesses use cloud storage safely, free from the fear of hacking, or the precluding costs of complicated and expensive IT infrastructure.

“We use Australian Data Centres to host the clinical data, we then use our experience to design the platform that enables the health businesses to access the patient data, notes and medication securely online. The doctor can be on the plane, hospital or in a remote village and still be able to request tests for the patient or get support,” Rob added.

Healthcare professionals can now access information relating to remote patients and Australia’s indigenous communities, securely. All while saving the healthcare providers money.

REND Tech is helping doctors save lives in remote areas. And that, in our books, makes REND Tech a Cool Company!

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